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MicroReview 25: France Awoke

Trémolet de Villers, Vincent, & Raphaël Stainville. Et la France se réveilla: Enquête sur la révolution des valeurs. Paris: Toucan, 2013. ISBN 978-2810005642. Spectacular account of France’s recent traditionalist insurrection, all but ignored by the world, but which has quite destabilized, almost incapacitated, the sitting… Read More ›

Radical Traditionalism: 3 New Highlights in Anglo-American Education

Anyone interested in Europe’s continued intellectual & technological development should pause before 3 exceptional higher education initiatives here in 2012. All are conspicuous for their bizarre but not unconvincing blend of radical vigour with stodgy traditionalist caution. 2 are American (cited for inspiration), the last is British. 1) New York City’s “game-changing” tech… Read More ›

King by Grace of the Sun

There is a subset of strategy board games in which I’ve long had great interest. You might call them: historically-themed-light-or-medium-games-where-the-history-part-happens-to-work. This is not your demanding grognard simulation of the siege of Stalingrad, interesting as such a game is too. Rather, I… Read More ›