Niels Peter Q Marstrand

Industrialism Advocate; Aerospace Investor

Copenhagen Region, DK

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CAPABILITIES (Years of experience/involvement indicated)

Special: Industrial Finance

Old-Economy Renewed (20+ years), Advanced Industrials (Electronics, Machinery, Automation) (10+), Aerospace (10+), Very Long-Term Portfolio Management (15+), Nordic Industrials (6+), Heavy Industrials (Mining, Materials, Chemicals, Fuel, Renewables) (5+), Software & Internet (15+), Private Spaceflight (5+), Advanced Maritime (4+), New Automotive & Mobility (3+), Microindustrialism & New Industrials (2+).

Special: History of European Deployment

History of Technology & Exploration (20+ years), History of Science (5+), History of the Enlightenment (10+), Industrial Revolution (10+), French Revolution & Empire (20+), 17th Century (5+), 18th Century (10+), 19th Century (15+), Renaissance (15+), Nordic/Baltic History (5+), Historical Gaming (5+).


Political Economy (25+ years), History (20+), Financial Analysis (15+), Technology Investment (15+), Space (20+), Political Communication (20+), Public Speaking (15+), Simulated Worlds (10+), Electronic Activism (3+).



Nordic Space Endowment (Current)

Founder & Administrator, from 2008

NSE invests long-term in the space sector, in advanced sea-air-land mobility, & in “space-ready” enterprise: old-economy industrials showing fresh vigour ahead of physically demanding future frontiers. NSE builds on distinctive, continual research into the foundations of industrial & technological deployment.

Det Radikale Venstre / Danish Social Liberal Party

Resident Writer & Political Auxiliary at Parliament, 2002-07

Ideological research & communication at the party headquarters, shaping fundamentals of my present book project Space-Ready Europe (see Publications below). Advice to leadership on historical & theoretical components of policy.

The Kesera Think Tank

Copywriter & Advisor, 2001-02

Fellow since its 1999 foundation of this spearhead collective of artists, scientists, thinkers. Presently also became a committed advisor & contributor to outward communication, together with aspects of strategy & business development.

Western Epicentres of Invention

Grand Voyager, 2000

Individual 8-month round-the-world study & research expedition to a comprehensive sample of key industry & innovation hubs: Seattle, Houston, Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, Sunnyvale), Sydney, Perth, Stockholm, Helsinki, the Paris Region. Instructive observation; keen interaction.

European & American Technology Sector

Private Investor, 1998-2000

Put earlier theory in practice as successful investor in exchange-traded technology stocks (three-digit annual AUM % growth; continuous two-digit %-point outperformance of specialist indices). Liquidated all in early 2000, later migrating to industry & aerospace.

Conferences; Private & Public Institutions

Author, Speaker, Consultant, 1996-98

On publication of my book Ny renæssance (see Publications section below), toured extensively as paid speaker & debater. Very strong demand & attendance, with lively audience involvement. Also consulted for three private companies.

Nationwide Press; Education Sector

Freelance Writer & Lecturer, 1993-96

Composed début book, & in-depth articles on technology & education sold to nationwide Danish newspapers Politiken, Berlingske Tidende, Børsen, & Weekendavisen (see also Publications section). Began delivering lectures & courses to educational institutions.


EDUCATION (Click here for full details PDF)

Yale University

Master’s Degree in International Affairs (International Relations), 1990-92

Yale Fellowship/Scholarship, 50 % of tuition fees, 1990-92. Graduate Student Senator 1990-91.

New College, University of Oxford

BA Hons (+ procedural MA 1995) in Philosophy & Modern Languages, 1987-90

Graduation with First Class Honours & 2 separate Distinctions 1990. Scholar of New College 1988-90.

European School Brussels I

European Baccalaureate, 1978-85


PUBLICATIONS (Click here for full list PDF)

Frontier Europe


Website featuring 45+ posts on the history & future of European discovery. Aimed at interested general reader, free of numbered notes, but with references in academic format, as well as strong tagging & cross-indexing.

Space-Ready Europe: How our Frontier Begins on Earth


Book manuscript in English. A blueprint for the metamorphosis of Europe into a space-ready, yet strongly cohesive society. Based on fresh insight into the 18th-19th Century Industrial Enlightenment, & its interaction with the Northern parts of our continent.

Ny renæssance: arbejde, energi og idealer i det 21. århundredes Europa

Copenhagen: Rosinante, 1996

Book in Danish (New Renaissance: Work, Energy, & Ideals in 21st Century Europe). Printed & sold-out twice, exceptionally reviewed & exposed, listed on the Top 10 of two nationwide newspapers, endorsed by two successive Prime Ministers & many other political leaders.

Articles; Interview Appearances; Public Speaking

Nationwide: all media + live. Mainly 1993-2006

30+ articles published in Danish reviews, newspapers, & other edited media. Interviewed solo on eight occasions for TV, radio, or nationwide print. 65+ conference speeches or public lectures delivered to a large variety of audiences.



Danish (native/trilingual)

English (native/trilingual)

French (native/trilingual)

Spanish (working proficiency)

Latin (elementary reading proficiency)



Literature, Strategy Games, Swimming, Walking, Travel.


“He had to be his own promoter, geologist, legal advisor, explosives expert, drilling superintendent & jack-of-all-trades… We, the “independents”, eliminated all unnecessary administrative overhead expenses in our operations. We scorned renting offices in the boom towns that burgeoned around the oil fields… We familiarized ourselves thoroughly with all aspects of our business & kept all our costs down by exercising unceasing & vigilant supervision over every phase of our operations.”

(J Paul Getty on the Wildcatter – the independent operator of early oil & minerals prospecting days.)