Microreview 29: Les Lames du Cardinal

Pevel, Pierre. Les Lames du Cardinal. 3 vols (Les Lames du Cardinal, L’Alchimiste des Ombres, Le Dragon des Arcanes). Paris, Bragelonne, 2007-2010. ISBN 978-2352944904. Where French fantasy differs from American. 17th Century uchronia, brilliantly renewing the Dumas musketeer universe. Admirably detailed & accurate… Read More ›

MicroReview 20: Mining in World History

Lynch, Martin. Mining in World History. London: Reaktion Books, 2002. ISBN 978-1861891730. Historical narrative of mining & metallurgy from Renaissance to our age, illuminating its vast political, economic, & technological ramifications. Thoughtful, informative, reads like a novel. I give ****/5. * (Webfront photo caption & credit… Read More ›

King by Grace of the Sun

There is a subset of strategy board games in which I’ve long had great interest. You might call them: historically-themed-light-or-medium-games-where-the-history-part-happens-to-work. This is not your demanding grognard simulation of the siege of Stalingrad, interesting as such a game is too. Rather, I… Read More ›

MicroReview 10: Isaac Newton

Gleick, James. Isaac Newton. Paperback ed. London: Harper Perennial, 2004. ISBN 978-0007163182. The essentials about Isaac Newton, last of the great magicians, early Enlightenment man. Ordered, entertaining, but short on the math. I give ***/5.